Preparing for a sale in 2018

Published: 11/12/2017

Planning a move in the New Year? Start your planning over the holiday period with our top tips to make selling your property as easy as possible.

  • Clean. A really deep clean costs very little, but goes along way to give buyers the right impression of your home.
  • Declutter. Personal items that show the lovely life your family have enjoyed in the property are not what a buyer has come to see – they want to imagine the lovely life they could create there, so be sure to give them the space to do that.
  • Remove bulky furniture. If it’s too big for the space you risk making your property appear smaller.  Temporary storage might be a possible solution here.
  • Spruce decoration & keep it simple. Most households have a to-do list of odd jobs like fixing a kitchen drawer that no longer closes properly or replacing cracked tiles. Potential buyers may notice minor issues and worry they’re a bigger problem. Pay attention to detail.
  • Let there be light.  A naturally sunny home is something most buyers dream of but if you think your property needs a boost you can keep décor light, use mirrors to reflect light and remove anything that might block those rays shining through.
  • Curb appeal. Mow the lawn, clear the gutters, paint window frames. Look at your neighbour’s homes and compare – what will a potential buyer think?
We offer a free house doctor service and will help with advice and suggestions – we know what sells and what buyers look for to get you the best possible price. To book your valuation call us now!