The very best short plays and sketches by THE BROTHERS KAUFMAN

Published: 11/11/2018

FRI 16 NOVEMBER 2018 - SAT 24 NOVEMBER 2018 at The Sydenham Centre

Ocelot Gymkhana was a series of short play and sketch nights staged by Spontaneous Productions between 2009-2013. Now, after a well-earned five year hiatus, the Brothers are reviving their pick of the best pieces, dusting them down, giving them a new lease of life, and occasional mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to entertain, bamboozle, confuse and possibly outrage those of a sensitive nature. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Brothers Kaufman!

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“Some extremely hilarious moments…If you are a fan of surrealist comedy, you should definitely give it a go.” (Female Arts review of Ocelot Resurrection, 2013)